Saturday, 3 May 2008

maja and susie

I love to dro.I am jaja

Susie and I like to sit at the desk in my room and draw pictures and write stories. Susie often make a mess of my pens, and I don't like it. She is allowed to use my colouring pencils, but not my felt tips. I don't really like it because Susie throws my pencils and suck on them. But she makes nice drawings. They are really just scribbles. (My mum helped me type this.)


Per Johnsen said...

Hi Maja. That's a very nice picture of you and Susie. I think it's very nice that you let Susie borrow your pencils. It's a bit sad that Susie throws your pencils on the floor. But she is so little that she doesn't know any better. I love you both, and I miss you loads and loads. But it won't be long until you come to live with me now.

Love, dad

Sonja said...

Så grei du er med Susie.Hun synes nok det er veldig gøy å få lov til å leke og tegne på ditt rom.Du er ei ordentlig flink storesøster. Nå gleder morm seg veldig til å komme på besøk til dere.Kanskje kan jeg få lov til å låne din seng.Hvis jeg ikke får til å sove så kan jeg stå opp å tegne litt,