Sunday, 9 March 2008

My first blog

my name is maja. i am 5. i like to meik stuff , dro and rait. I olso like to
read ,ride my bike and plai in the garden.


Tonje said...

Hi Maja. How exciting that you have got your own blog. I can't wait to read about all the things you do and make.

ThereseHidle said...

Hello Maja, så spennende at du har fått deg en egen blogg! :) Gleder meg til du skriver mer!
Skal hilse fra han onkel Kim.
Hilsen Therese

Anonymous said...

What a nice picture of you, Maja. I think you are very clever to make such a nice blog. It's not long before I'll see you in Norway with momo and mofma and all the others.


mormor said...

Hei å hå, du Mormor sin beste venn og tøysekopp og klatremus og flinke skolejente. Vi savner deg og Susie masse. Hilsen Morm og Mofma