Monday, 10 March 2008

my school

This is my school . I like to paint and doing art. I also like play time. My best friends are called Megan and Heather. We play in the school playground and in the garden. On the door it says; "Look for these birds in the garden". I don't like about school cos I have to do my maths all the time. P1 and P2 are in the same class room. P3 and P4 are in the same, and P5,6 and 7 are in one.
(My mum helped me type this. I just told her what to write.)


Tonje said...

That's a nice school you go to. Hope you have lots of fun there.

Maja said...

I du have love school.

mormor said...

Skolen din ser veldig gammel ut.Men det er sikkert gøy der.
Hilsen Morm